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David Gilbert: Patient Leadership is Dead – Long Live Patient Leadership (a sideways look at Covid)

The title of the blog today by David Gilbert, linked to here with permission. This was written after a really good meeting between us and with Jo Hemmingfield, Simon Mudie and Richard Pemberton this morning. I found it inspiring.

Its about valuing ived experience in these times of crisis, a theme I echoed in today's #in2gr8Elevenses live broadcast on Twitter which can be found here:

A quote from David's blog today:

Rather than reinforcing our reverence for the heroic – our regression to applauding the tough guys who sweat it out on the frontline – this virus might serve to amplify our common vulnerability, fallibility and suffering. But also the jewels of wisdom and insight that are dug from the caves of suffering. Lockdown can unlock our human potential.

...please do read the rest of the article here


About David Gilbert

David Gilbert is a former mental health service user. He has 25 years experience of working with, and for patients. Amongst other things, he was Head of Patients and the Public at the Commission for Health Improvement, and Patient and Public Involvement Director at NHS Croydon. He has also worked at the Kings Fund, OPM and Consumer Association.

He set up InHealth Associates seven years ago. He was co-founder of The Centre for Patient Leadership that originated the notion of patient leaders and patient leadership (with Mark Doughty), and was awarded ‘star leader’ status in the recent HSJ/NHS England Patient Leader Awards. He currently works part time as Patient Director, Sussex Musculoskeletal (MSK) Partnership – the first role of its kind in the NHS.

David is a leading thinker and doer in the field of patient and public engagement and is a respected strategist, facilitator, researcher, trainer, writer, connector and communicator. He has worked with over a hundred local, national and international organisations to help develop effective ways that patients can be true partners in health and healthcare.

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