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For us, this ain't work 🧡

From Natalie:

Anna and I met today to celebrate building our company and running our in2gr8mh peer support services for mental health professionals with lived experience of mental health difficulties, all in a pandemic.

All this whilst modelling our own lived experience as regulated professionals, which makes us able to 'get' what's going on in the scene systemically which can be so easily avoided by the powers that be. Together we work on the company with dedication, care and passion.

It is more important than ever that we celebrate our friendships, our peer groups and the goodness in our endeavours. We are all guns blazing for Year Two ✊

We can't wait to meet more of our peers in this, say hello 👋

in2gr8mentalhealth is a first 'work' love, because for us, it ain't work 🧡



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