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"We hurt. We suffer. We can sometimes cause harm". An open letter to the Psychologist magazine

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Our Director, Dr Anna Chiara Sicilia, speaks up about emotional abuse within the profession in a letter to the Psychologist magazine by the British Psychological Society. “We hurt. We suffer. We can sometimes cause harm”. This letter came following Anna’s earlier blog sharing her personal narrative. An invite to reflect on our own biases and failings as a professional group and to not stay silent, when we witness abuse, if we are in a position to speak up.

Here at in2gr8mentalhealth we hold a clear position, as we outlined in our recent twitter statement: we stand against any denigration of any people based on their mental health, distress or vulnerability. Any targeted actions like this will be called out and reported immediately. This is something that is non-negotiable.

We will continue to raise these issues and engage with the pillars of the mental health scene (training courses, trusts/workplaces, professional bodies and peers) in the hope that more and more people will feel safe to speak up. No everyone is in a safe place to do so, for many different reasons.

For an update on our latest and upcoming developments, read Natalie's earlier blog here. Keep an eye out for our upcoming "in conversations with series" on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to hear stories from some wonderful mental health professionals who decided to share their own narratives of lived experience of mental health problems as professionals. Their experiences are varied, their speaking is brave and we do it to help remind the systems we live and work in that we are all human.



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