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Free Biscuits With Bonus Peer Meeting Attached!

We have an in2gr8mentalhealth peer group meeting on Friday 6th July in London in the evening, to talk about how things are for those of us professionals with lived experience in the mental health scene.

If you're a member (or to -be-member) you are so very welcome to join. We will definitely be having biscuits this time, this was a ridiculous omission on my part last time and I take full responsibility for their absence. I'm not sure we can stretch to tea and coffee without me bringing it from home, I'd rather not carry a large tank of boiling water on my back through the tube, but I have been known to try ridiculous things simply because it makes life more interesting. Multi-pitch climbing without snickers bars in the past being one of them (its a thing).

Free tickets can be found at our member meeting page. If you haven't joined up yet to see that,  just sign up at the website and respond to the email that gets sent. Or, get in touch with me, Natalie, at 

I know it can be nerve wracking to meet people you don't know, but we are small and all don't know each other very much yet either, we've had just one meeting so far. I also have a terrible memory at the moment which definitely doesn't help, so we're in it together.  If you want,  I can meet you a little earlier as am free that day in general. If that means I get emails and we all meet earlier, well that's just kind of funny 😁.  

Anyone who needs help getting about the tube, I'm around.  Anyone who needs some ticket money, we have some left in Crowdfunder, it's yours.  

It would be really nice to say hello. Its not a therapy group, it's a hello and chat to others in the same dual identity situation group. It's a supportive place with your normal peer respect and confidentiality rules. And an eat biscuits group. Clearly. One must be nourished. 



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