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2021: New Year New Developments!

Happy New Year! we begin in a new national lockdown and cope with it the best we can! This blog is coming to you live from home, surrounded by builders pulling walls down - suffice to say not the most congenial of surroundings for focussed working...but then, when was the last time any of us had much of that since this took hold? I wish you well in your efforts to get through. Lets keep the bar compassionately low!


News from our mental health training world


New training for placement supervisors and course tutors on

mental health courses

We are systemic workers right down to our little fingers here at in2gr8. We have been keen to provide our Clinical Psychology Doctorate training on lived experience in the professions, not only to trainees, but also to placement supervisors and course tutors. Well that is about to happen. We are excited to provide training to staff and plcement supervisors at Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology, Canterbury Christ Church University.

We work first with courses to gather key themes and dilemmas in this area facing the staff cohort, and fuse this with our multi-level, psychologically-informed experience in provider lived experience from our mentoring, training, formulation and policy work in this area. As facilitaors we bring our own lived experience of mental health difficulties as providers to enrich and empower open conversations and reflective spaces.

New Joint Training Mental Health Days

Not dissimilar to this, is the Mental Health Day we will be a part of developing with the University of Surrey Clinical Psychology Doctorate course. This is a wonderful opportunity to provide space to reflect on lived experience within the profession for trainees and staff all together in the room. Again we will be working from a set of themes in the area generated from course staff and trainees, to create something meaningful, useful and embracing for all.

If you are interested in how we can help develop similar trainings for your mental health course, please book an initial conversation with us on our training page.


PeerSpace Groups


We blogged just before Christmas about the new PeerSpace groups we are going to run. It has been warm and connecting to speak since to aspiring, trainee and qualified mental health professionals with lived experience, to start to gather a list of those interested. If you are interested in joining a PeerSpace group, have a look at the blog linked to above for more details, then please book an initial conversation with us via our mentoring page.


For now it remains to say thank you for following us into this new year. We are keen to stay alongside you wherever you are with your lived experience in this mental health scene of ours, aspiring, working, training, resting, in recovery, in crisis, flourishing, moving through any or all of the aforementioned as many of us do.

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Don't forget we have a support page with links to information about mental health support, the Equality Act 2010, trade unions, and your rights around mental health and employment.

We have a private, free, moderated in2gr8mentalhealth forum for trainee or qualified mental health professionals with lived experience, you can access it at any time.

If you are interested in one to one mentoring, book in an initial conversation on our mentoring page.

General query? See our contact page.

Take care of yourselves in these under-resourced hugely-demanded systems we operate in, not least under pandemic conditions. We understand the systemic pressures that may be alongside your personal and professional life, and of course, we understand the real pain of provider mental health stigma.


We love what we do.

We live what we do.

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