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in2gr8mentalhealth website back online, members' forum will come as stage two.

I'm up working early on a Saturday, I haven't even got my coffee and marmite on toast yet (sorry marmite haters), but I've got our basic website back online. The peer support forum will come as a stage two, I'll be able to focus on that from April (see previous Maslow Mashup post of me managing much busy-ness!).

The following elements of the website are back online: 

* HOME: Who and why we are.

* BLOG: Do subscribe! Campaigning to destigmatise lived experience with its original posts back, including our anonymous #MyShare narratives from mental health professionals with lived experience of mental health problems - challenging the scene to think differently! You may need to resubscribe if you were a subscriber before, its simple to do from the blog page.

* SOCIAL MEDIA: A tracker page to help you engage... we're campaigning on many platforms, they're all here!

* SHOP: Buy our campaign badge or make a donations. All proceeds go to running the in2gr8mentalhealth website.

* FOUNDER: Why I did this and why I think this campaign matters.

* SOURCES OF SUPPORT: Help and resources supporting choices about sharing, like Australia's 'Heads Up' website for those making decisions about sharing their lived experience in the workplace.

* CONTACT: Say hello!

Thank goodness I've got this back online, I feel like I've been without a leg! I'll re-point social media back to this website and remove the blog-in-waiting. This has been heart work and building it to connect and campaign an integral part of my own early recovery when I launched. The peer support is equally precious to me.

I'm really glad I can get our basic website back online for us, the forum will need techies and some time. However, our website is an anchor, a continued presence is important for solidarity and sustained campaigning. If you are a mental health professional with lived experience out there reading this, there are very many of us and you are not alone despite how stigma tries to divide and conquer!

Marmite and coffee now pending!

Thank you for your support.

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