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PeerSpace Group Programme Begins!

The very first in2gr8mentalhealth PeerSpace group programme will start this week, and we are very excited.

Our PeerSpace will bring together mental health professionals with lived experience of mental health difficulties (aspiring, training, qualified) in a closed group for 8 sessions, dedicated to destigmatising and valuing lived experience in us and in the systems around us, and supporting each other.

Each PeerSpace session will give space to gather round key ingredients to humanise, give choice and empowerment, reflect together, and pull out internalised stigma taken on from society which can be a deletrious weight to carry.

This PeerSpace is co-facilitated by Directors Dr Natalie Kemp and Dr Anna Sicilia, open about their own lived experience of mental health difficulties as clinical psychologists, and systemic activists for the compassion and value recognition of lived experience in the mental health scene.

We'll provide the power of feeling met in a warm, understanding and thoughtful space. Those who come to us feel they have no other place where they are able to bring these personal / professional reflections, and wish in particular to do this with peers who have known it.

We hope this is the beginning of a lovely programme thet we'll continue to run in the future - our peers will let us know!

We are very much looking forward to beginning.

If you are interested in joining a future PeerSpace, please contact us at

Further information can be downloaded from our website.

All best,

Team in2gr8 x



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